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Absolutely and we encourage it. The app is available in App and Google Play stores and can be used worldwide as well as offering multiple international shipping options, however at the moment it is only available in English language and you can only check out in British Pounds (GBP). Just to let you know, we always announce our footwear launch times in BST (British Standard Time) or GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) depending on the time of year.


Did you think of your password a bit too quick? No problem. Click on password reminder and we’ll send you a new password to your account email address. Don’t worry if it’s complicated. Once you’ve logged in you can go to my account and set it to something more memorable.


Yes. When you input your name, address or credit/debit card details on to the web site, the information is protected by the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This encrypts your details and ensures that the information you submit can not be read in the unlikely event it is intercepted.

If you are unsure as to when the SSL security is being applied, check that there is a Padlock icon or Key icon in the grey bar at the base of the page you are reading.


No, but it's worth your while if you do. By registering your details you won't have to enter the same information every time you order. You can also choose to receive regular email updates on the the early notification of limited edition releases, exclusive styles, rare colourways and an early heads up on when our sale starts.


Once you’ve created a size? previews account (or simply log in using your existing size.co.uk account which will work on the app), you’ll be able to pre-save your payment and delivery details to speed up the checkout process. If you implement these two steps your checkout will be as fast as possible, checking out in a matter of taps. Once logged in, you’ll then be able to browse any upcoming launches, bookmark your selected product and size, select when and how you want to be notified on your phone, and watch the countdown until your product becomes available. Just before the product launches you can set a push notification to make sure that you’re ready, and once the product goes live you’ll be able to add the product to your cart, where it is then reserved for 5 minutes.


The size? launches app is a bespoke, custom built app designed to become your go-to destination for product previews & launches. The app gives you the opportunity to be the first in line and get instant access to key product releases. Limited edition product launches on size?previews in order to create a fair system for customers to purchase, simply first come, first served.


To unsubscribe from our marketing emails, you can remove yourself immediately by clicking the 'unsubscribe' link that can be found at the bottom of one of our promotional emails.
It may take up to 72 hours for this to be active.
If you no longer have access to one of our emails, please contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to action this request for you.

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